Karen Rollo Murphy

Karen's philosophy is that you should love your space, and that most home organization issues can be solved with a clever interior restyle. Her “nesting” instinct began in her childhood bedroom.  Her parents often found her room furniture rearranged and pieces brought in from other rooms.  The interest and love for interior restyling continued into her own homes, those of friends and family, and her offices.


As a former HR/Administration executive for engineering/architectural and finance firms she was exposed to the commercial side of design and the details of color, texture, and placement.  Overtime she realized that she had a genuine interest and talent.  She was not surprised to find that she felt fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment throughout the interior styling process.

 “When you can combine what brings you joy with what you do for a living it is a perfect situation for you and your clients.”     

Robin Jones

Robin’s passion and talent for decorating began when she was old enough to understand her mother’s obsession for nesting and antiques.  As a military family frequently on the road, Robin's mother warmed up officer's quarters with vintage quilts and baskets she collected along the way.  By age 12, Robin was painting her own room, sewing gingham curtains, pillows and bedspreads and potting plants in ceramic pots she made at the local rec center.  By age 13 she was redecorating again.

As a former pr and ad exec, Robin  has always had an artistic  flair and a great eye for color--not to mention an organized project manager.

“Every new apartment and home has been an exciting blank canvas!  Of course, I’ve used existing pieces and have  always decorated on a shoe string, but with paint, fabric and fantastic consignment shop finds I’ve always managed to create a home my family and I can be proud of!”
Rearrange, restyle and reconnect with your home!